What is an Outsourcing service of Specialist Engineers?

It consists in the outsourcing of services and/or people, whose jobs and duties are ccovered by a special supplier in the matter, avoiding direct hiring and reducing training time.

Our Approach

Altiuz counts on engineers that are highly specialized and capable for the job, regarding the products of our portfolio, counting on certified brands, which added up to our experience in solution implementations in Latin America, assure the hiring of top professionals.

Contract Flexibility

Arrange engineers for face to face or online work, as well as different hour options and work shifts.

Capability and Specialization

Engineers that are highly specialized with the tools and most advanced technology in the market.

Low Implementation Cost

The integration to the engineers’ organizations in this mode require a short training and transfer of general knowledge.

Low impact on Turnovers

Counting on a limited integration time, the impact on personal turnovers is reduced.

Specializations in different technology
Years of experience by specialist