A worldwide known company that has proven what can be built in the future under the many years of innovation, acknowledgment of the successes and challenges of their clients, and relying on the top experts in the technical and commercial field around the world.

Oracle & Altiuz

Through the combined knowledge of the products, Altiuz imposes itself as a well-known partner of Oracle, promoting through its knowledge of their products the best strategies and solutions to our clients, investing steadily in its certification also.

Oracle Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Products

Oracle Webcenter Imaging

Offer an end-to- end management of document images within the business processes of the company by offering a scalable repository that supports applications in all of the company.

  • Reduce the business operation costs related to paper handling.
  • Give out an efficient value and integrated process of an automated solution.
  • Achieve cost savings throughout automation of document capture.
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Oracle Webcenter Forms Recognition

Capturing of smart data to read images and automate the data entry. Allowing to reduce the manual process by 90% in workforce.

  • Intelligent Document Recognition based on learning process (IDR)
  • Solutions that can recognize, classify, and extract information of any type of document.
  • Provide the highest level of recognition of documents and data extraction of the industry.
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Oracle Webcenter Enterprise Capture

It allows capturing and saving images with relevant metadata. It is compatible with barcode to automate data capturing and allow centralized or distributed capture options.

  • Capture: Scan and import documents individually or in batches
  • Conversion: Conversions of documents that are not PDF images or Microsoft Word documents type in a standard image format.
  • Classification: Separate a batch in logical documents and assign a set of values of metadata for each document.
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Oracle Webcenter Content

Oracle WebCenter Content provides organizations an unified repository to store unstructured content and give it to business users in an accurate format and within the context of familiar applications to be accommodate to the way that they work.

  • Strategic infrastructure of content for the administration of documents, images, and multimedia files
  • Administration point by point in the documental life cycle, from the creation to the archive
  • Allow integration with organization applications

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Productos Oracle Middleware

Oracle Data Integrator

It offers ruling and continuous access to timely and reliable data between heterogeneous systems. Its global capabilities include movement, transformation, bidirectional online replicas of mass data, metadata administration, data services, and data quality for product and client domains.

  • High accessibility through Weblogic Application Server
  • Console monitoring of infrastructure and executions
  • Communication with Heterogeneous Databases
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Oracle BPM

The business processes are in the core of what creates or shuts down a business, and what differentiates it from the competition. These processes that offer operational efficiency, business visibility, excellent customer satisfaction, and agility, all they give the company an edge over the competition.

  • Delivery an immediate and quick return on the investment
  • Fast development process
  • Give control and visibility for the business
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Oracle Data Mining

Oracle Data Mining provides a full functionality for the end user. The data mining in Oracle’s database was implemented in the Oracle’s database kernel and the data mining models are world class objects.

  • Predictive Models
  • Client Data
  • Data Exploration
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Oracle Service Bus

Oracle Service Bus is a scalable and reliable solution for the bus communication between different enterprise services. It is designed to connect, virtualize, and manage the interaction between heterogeneous services, legacy services, company systems, mobile devices, the Cloud, along the company.

  • Dynamic transformation of messages
  • Integration of services orientated to the configuration
  • Service oriented to the data and support to REST services

Oracle BPEL Process Manager

A tool for designing and executing business processes. This product offers a total solution, based on standards and easy to use basics to use to create, deploy, and manage the business processes in different applications, with two automated steps, automated and human work flow.

  • Powerful orchestration motor
  • Easy access administration in a reasonable time through Enterprise Manager
  • Simple optimization options

Otros Productos Oracle

Oracle Database

Oracle Database has a multiple tenure structure that facilitates fastest consolidation of many databases. It includes data processing capabilities in memory that offer an innovative analytical effort. Oracle Database comes in three editions to adjust to the business’ needs and its budget: Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition y Standard Edition One.

  • Managing schemes
  • Data comprehension in tables
  • Backup and recovery copies facing disasters
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Oracle Weblogic Aplication Server

It is the application server No. 1 in the world, both in conventional and cloud environments.
With Oracle WebLogic you can create cutting-edge applications in a platform for critical mission that simplifies the operations, accelerates the market launch with a modern developing platform and integrated tools.

  • Offers a simplified and faster development
  • Higher availability scale for applications and services
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