What is Electronic Billing?

It is a legally valid digital document that replaces the paper bills for commercial transactions between taxpayers. The Electonic Billing enables the taxpayer to send as receive electronic tax documents such as: electronic invoice, credit notes, debit notes and waybill.

Our Approach

It is a solution (in the cloud) provided by Altiuz to its clients in Ecuador that allows the integration to their accounting systems using web services for the reception of electronic documents along with the certificates for clients, signing of documents and the integration with the SRI (Internal Revenue Service of Ecuador) for the validation and authorization of documents.


It has the same validity as the physical documents.

Improved times

Reduction on invoice shipping time.

Cost Savings

Savings on paper and on folders.


Increased security for the storage of documents and less likelihood of forgery. 

Helps the environment

It contributes to the environment due to saving paper and printing inks. 

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