What is a Service Assessment?

It consists of an analysis service and evaluation of some system, platform, or architecture for which it is desired to know or corroborate the data and existing capacity.
Frequently due to unawareness of the installed platform or rather to evaluate the strength and level of the existing technology, an assessment is the best starting point for planning improvements and maintenances.

Our Approach

We offer a special service about the technologies and services of our portfolio, giving information and analysis regarding levels of component obsolescence, real service capacity, and best implementation, always understanding the functional and business purpose that the system must meet. With the objective that our clients can depend on up to date authentic information of the systems so that way the team will have the necessary tools for the plan of changes and future improvements.

IT Systems Comprehension

Count on having the knowledge of the components that shape the IT architecture, volumetric, and capacities of themselves, in order to make decisions in accordance with this.


Guarantee confidentiality of the results and data obtained in the process of the given evaluation.


Guide the implementation of the evaluation of the systems according to what is desired by the organization, considering the objective for which it is being realized.