What is Watson Explorer?

Watson Explorer (in versions Enterprise and Advanced) is a solution of “cognitive exploration”; that combines advanced search with content analysis (structured and unstructured) to help users find and understand to work more efficiently and thus take better decisions.

Our Approach

In recent years, Altiuz has incorporated into its work, the need to integrate and offer our customers solutions derived from cognitive Watson project. Among these, we have incorporated Watson Explorer as a perfect complement to those customers who require a deep and interactive information search for both employees and customers; with the aim of having the information and insights at the right time.

Advanced indexing and searching content.

Integration of multiple sources of structured and unstructured information. 


Watson only access the information that it has been allowed to access. 

Scalability and collaboration

• Allowing the implementation for processing information in the era of bigdata.

• Uses tips and comments from colleagues to find the correct information.


Watson Explorer lets presentations results by relevance (out of the box) or customizing it according to other criteria. 

50% cognitive development teams integrate services
for various purposes and for various industries in 2016
Retail, Health Insurance and will invest in cognitive
equal to 2.5 quintillion bytes of new info