Renowned US multinational company specializing in the sale of hardware and software, and consulting services and IT infrastructure around the world. It covers various areas of human endeavor, from user PCs in the 80s, mainframes, software solutions for various industries, to the cognitive revolution solutions derived from the current Watson project.


Since the founding of Altiuz and until today, IBM has recognized us as a technology partner. Working on the design and implementation of products, services and world-class solutions to various customers both in Chile and abroad for multiple industries. Currently and for the last seven years, we have been part of the group of  “Silver Business Partner” of the brand and hold more than 50 certifications in various technologies, from database and Infrastructure to documents and Middleware solutions.

IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Products

IBM Content Foundation (formerly Filenet)

The most complete and powerful IBM document management system, designed to facilitate the adoption of ECM across the enterprise, integrating directly with the corporate repository of users. It offers better control of existing and new types of content with scalability, security, stability and multiplatform features.

  • Active Content
  • Advanced documentary Options
  • API and custom applications development tools
  • Highly scalable platform
  • Native Integration with MS Office
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Digitization flow. Extracts information from document images so that systems can use enterprise content management (ECM) systems and line of business systems.

  • Extracting multiple sources
  • Direct integration with IBM repositories
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It provides a flexible infrastructure, a consistent approach and integrated tools for managing cases.

  • Flexible management cases
  • Collaborative work
  • Development and intuitive graphic
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It provides a collaborative experience and mobile content that provides better intelligence and control throughout the organization.
It can transform the way organizations do business by placing moving content to obtain the optimum value throughout its lifecycle.

  • Brings the mobile and collaborative content to your business
  • Integrates with broader content initiatives
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IBM Case Foundation (formerly Filenet)

Using IBM Content Foundation as a base, adds document flows management capabilities, directly interacting with documents already stored or new , with all the functionality that the content manager has. It lets you manage business processes by integrating different systems.

  • Reduces time, improves productivity and decision making
  • Process Manager
  • Native integration with IBM Content Foundation
  • Integration with other systems
  • Assigns individual tasks and can publish roles
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Manages all types of digital content across multiple platforms, databases and applications.

  • Documents and images Repository
  • Document Routing
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IBM Content Manager OnDemand

Allows capture, process and store high volumes of information as well as a powerful information retrieval through various channels (web, mobile and desktop environments).
It is a platform which ensures documentation (unchanged) in the right place and time.

  • Repository read-only
  • Optimized to handle large volumes of static information
  • Advanced text search on the stored content
  • Integrates with other products for data archiving (TSM) and intelligent document generation (Altiuz-Reports)
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IBM Middleware Products


It offers options for a faster and more flexible Java applications server environment. It offers greater reliability to create and run applications, including cloud and mobile applications.

  • Increase developer productivity
  • Deploy and manage applications and services
  • Improve security and control
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IBM InfoSphere DataStage

Integrates data from multiple systems using a high performance parallel structure that supports the extended metadata management and enterprise connectivity.

  • Integration of data in near real time
  • The management of workloads and business rules
  • Ease of use
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Solid messaging middleware that simplifies and streamlines the integration of various applications and business data across multiple platforms.

  • Quick connectivity and uniform information
  • Delivering secure and reliable messaging
  • Transferring messages scalable, high-performance
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IBM INTEGRATION BUS (formerly WebSphere Message Broker)

IBM Integration Bus, formerly known as IBM WebSphere Message Broker provides a variety of options for implementing a basic universal integration based on an enterprise service bus (ESB).

  • Connect to a variety of heterogeneous applications
  • Provide a flexible, simplified and standardized integration base
  • Use powerful features to address the diverse requirements of integration
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IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

It provides service registry and repository functions for business applications service-oriented architecture (SOA).
This software enables government of the service lifecycle to optimize productivity and resources in an SOA environment.

  • Business Management
  • Quality of Service based on the value
  • Dynamism of business processes
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IBM Analytics Products

IBM I2 Analyze

It is an analysis environment of visual intelligence that optimizes the value of large volumes of information that public agencies and private sector companies collect. With a contextualized and intuitive design that allows analysts to collate, analyze and visualize data from different sources and at the same time reduces the time required to disclose key information in complex data.

  • Structuring quickly disparate data into a single view of joint intelligence.
  • Identify people, events, connections and key patterns that otherwise might be lost.
  • Improve knowledge of the structure, hierarchy and method of operation of criminal, terrorist and fraudulent networks.
  • Simplifying complex data communication to enable operational decisions making timely and accurate.
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IBM SPSS Modeler

It is a predictive analytics platform, designed to provide predictive intelligence to decisions made by individuals, groups, systems and businesses. It provides a range of algorithms and advanced techniques, including text analysis, analysis of organization, management and decision optimization to help you select the actions that result in a better outcome.

  • Improve decisions and outcomes.
  • To help extract the value of the data.
  • Integrates more easily into existing systems.
  • Also available in cloud mode.
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Other IBM Products


The AIX® (OS) operating system is a UNIX operating system based on open standards that allows you to run the applications you want and the hardware you choose, based on the IBM UNIX operating system servers.

  • Running on IBM Power Systems
  • High performance and reliability
  • Native Virtualization (Virtual IO)
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Database Software DB2 offers industry leading performance, scale and reliability in their choice of platform Linux, UNIX and Windows for z / OS. Learn how customers are transforming their data center with DB2.

  • Greater Efficiency and Performance
  • High Availability Capacity (HA)
  • Easy Disaster Recovery
  • High standard Security
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IBM Security Directory Suite ( formerly Tivoli Directory Server)

  • Corporate Security Platform, manages people directory and centralizes the identity of users authentication in a single source, interacting with a variety of applications.
  • Centralised People Directory
  • LDAP Protocol
  • Federated Directory
  • Scalable and Distributed
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Greater agility. Better collaboration. More attention to the needs of businesses and customers. IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation offers a smarter way to manage requirements and build the product that meets your needs.

  • Flexible Development
  • Lifecycle Management SW
  • Change control
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IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly TSM)

Platform for the implementation, management and retrieval of data backups and important or sensitive files in the organization.

  • Backup of reliable data
  • High integration with other systems
  • Centralizing backups
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