What is Enterprise Architecture?

It refers to the description and integral comprehension of the organization, represented by its components, the relationships between them and their environment, altogether with the principles that govern its design and evolution. Counting on a detailed plan of the system which guides its implementation, considering at the same time many key diverse aspects such as strategic objectives, departments, processes, technology and people, among others.

Our Approach

In Altiuz we count on Certified Architects TOGAF, capable to realize an integral analysis, proportioning a focus for the design, planning, implementation, and government of an enterprise architecture for TI. This is always guaranteeing the lineup of a strategic plan with the operative aspects, with an end to optimize the generation of products and services that shape a proposal of value given to clients.

Correct response to business

Optimize IT organization in a sensible environment according to the business needs.

Architecture Government

Guarantee the comprehension of how all components come together in the organization.


Design of technology components to be reusable and modular, under standards that allow a growth in keeping with the business.


Count on a Design Method of Architecture standard, that optimizes the processes of incorporation of new technology, services, or implementations of IT.

Cost Reduction

By including re-use practices and methodologies, together with lining up the business needs, we avoid investment in duplicated technology or that could be later dismissed.