Qué es API Management?

Within the context of digital transformation, API Management integrates legacy systems with modern applications, simplifies application development, mitigates the risk of compromising data, and monetizes valuable data. And while APIs are not new, their uses are rapidly driving new opportunities for companies, developers and customers.

Our Approach

Altiuz offers three approaches for the applications, as new business models are supported under the API technology; First, connect to the new digital ecosystem; Second, speed up your Time to Market and, finally, find new alternatives that allow you to offer better experiences to your customers and/or consumers. Based on that companies can take advantage of new market opportunities.

  • API Economy
  • Internet of Things
  • Inter-connectivity¬†between Business and Third parties

Integration with the digital ecosystems

The paradigm shift between SOA and Microservices has increased the use and development of APIs, which allow new mobile and cloud architectures to coexist with enterprise systems.

Protect the Digital Business

Creating a well-planned strategy and reliable infrastructure to expose your business functionality securely to be consumed by partners, customers and developers.

Take advantage of the value of open and private data

By unlocking your data and making it available to third parties through one of the monetization models, you can open a significant economic value, either by reducing costs within your organization or by generating new revenue opportunities.