What is a Technical Consultancy service?

It consists of an evaluation service of some system, platform or architecture, and the corresponding technical and functional recommendations to be taken, in the basis of the qualifying person’s experience and knowledge.

Our Approach

Our 10 years of experience allow us to offer a special service about the products and services of our portfolio, completing an evaluation and analysis that considers the functional and technical requirements of the system, together with good implementation uses. Our objective is to give an integral service that interprets the business’ needs of our clients and the translation in technology solutions.

Capability and Specialization

Engineers that are highly specialized with the tools and most advanced technology in the market.

Lineup with the business

We consider the functional and operational needs of the systems, giving out the right technical recommendations.

Updates and improvements

Maintain platforms up to date regarding versions, technologies, and components considering the organization’s growth.

Adaptation to change

Maintain an IT structure according to the organizational changes, allowing not only to freshen up the existing structure but also adapt and renew it according to the current needs.