What is Platform Support?

The support service offered by Altiuz has the goal to assure the operational continuity of the service backed up by the software portfolio of the client; problems which are solved in a fast way that could cause a malfunctioning operation and efficiency issues of the products that you know are vital for the client’s business.

Our focus

Our support service has a preventive approach, keeping in touch with the client, scheduling visits to execute maintenance guidelines of the products in accordance with the best indicated uses from the manufacturer, and also recommending, planning, and coordinating the necessary updates with the client to maintain the fix pack level of the software.

Emergency Contact

The client will be able to ask for help in case of any major issue, calling us to an emergency phone line that is available 24/7.

Preventive Weekly Visits

A team member of our group of specialists will make a weekly visit, in which the member will execute a revision according to the maintenance plan of the product, and then will conclude with a report given to the client that will show the status of the product and suggest further recommendations.

Attention Productive Incidents

A team member of our group of specialists will attend to the product incidents that the client complains in the service or call the emergency number about, and this will be attended to depending on the critical status and the SLA terms. 

Indicators and Reporting

Periodically Altiuz will send out status service reports, with the background info of the incidents, requirements, hours used, risk metrics, and service impact.

Incidents Resolved
Preemptive Visits