CA Workload Automation

Simplify the planning and administration of the workloads between platforms to reduce costs providing add value to IT, through advanced automation methods.

  • Acquire visibility in the process of workloads of the company
  • Control the execution and management of workloads
  • Respond to business events in real time
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Control‑M Workload Automation

It can schedule the workloads in a daily, weekly, or monthly interval. It can also be used to trigger events, such as when there is a new archive, called on by a third party application, throughout an API, or an invocation on-demand through Java or Web services.

  • Simplify the creation, programming, and administration of batch jobs in IT environments
  • Ease the design and monitoring of work flows through a graphic interface
  • Show a common view of all the workloads and provide a unique and coherent user interface to automate the development, programming, and management of work flows.
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Reporting Services

It allows to extend and customize the report generation functionality of large volume of information, both traditional paper-format and interactive

  • Get data from SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Informix, etc.
  • Export reports to PDF, XLS, HTML, CSV, etc.
  • Positive user experience. Web Interface, clean, organized, and easy to manage.

SQL Server

It is a management system of relational database model, based on the language Transact-SQL, capable to put large amounts of information to many users simultaneously and very quickly.

  • Relational database model
  • Structured data, semi structured, or not structured data at all
  • Support stored procedures
  • Easy-to- use graphic interface for the administration environment