What is a Monitoring Service?

Altiuz monitoring provides a 24-hour service, with the tidiness that shape our engineers, whom all the time are working reviewing the services and aware to find exception events in the platforms.

Our Approach

Altiuz’s monitoring service gives added value to its job, where not only do we do an exhaustive review of the associated services and platforms, but also we give out solutions before moving on to the next level of service, thereby giving the client a minimal time gap of solution, since the majority of incidents are common errors.

Mode 24×7

The engineering team fulfills the role of total coverage of the platform, in work mode 24/7.


Altiuz will define with the client the corresponding Service Level Agreement, being aware of the criticality of the supported services for the services that the client disposes.

Alerts and Incidents Attention

Our team of engineers will attend to alerts and incidents that could raise on the monitored platform, by following mitigating actions to resolve them briefly, such as enabling communication to the next service levels, so that way they can meet their side of the deal with SLA.


The client will be able to ask for assistance from the Altiuz specialists to participate in meetings, conference calls, and decision making with a goal to fulfill a guide role regarding the best forms of use and operation of their IT products.