What are integrations?

System integration is connecting applications to exchange operational or financial information. When this can not be shared effectively, bottlenecks that require human intervention in the form of decision-making or data entry of information.

Our Approach

Altiuz establishes a strategic plan taking into account the needs and priorities of the business. That is how our focus on integration is born, these give us the opportunity to provide a significant improvement to the operational and/or financial processes and make them more efficient for customer.

Service Integration

The integration of the services or applications of a company between various divisions or with other companies through a bus service. (ESB)

Applications Integration

Provide and communications interfase between applications. 

Enabling Multi-channel information

Be able to distribute information in a multichannel mode to different devices.

Acquisitions of new companies or mergers

System integration of big system through Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Simplify Integrations

Remove the point-to- point communication by eliminating the connectivity between applications.

Improve process ejecution

Make improvement in the efficiency of current processes by exposing services repetitive processes.

Data Integration

Transformation and data reconciliation processes that will allow greater flexibility in managing and providing linked data safe and with good quality (ETL).

Data base sincronization

Data base homologation in order to keep the quality of the data.

Provide data for BI proyects

Creation of temporary data model to be use by Business Intelligence.

ETL Operations

Operations that include extraction, transformation and data uploads.

Systems Consolidation

Upload of data required for systems consolidation.

Data model Transformation

Migrations that required data model transformations.