What is HP Exstream?

Multichannel solution that manages the business relationship with their customers, platform used for the composition of business documents generated in different formats and delivered through various communication channels (printed, email, SMS, interactive communications, internet, etc.). It is a solution that helps you get the best from every point of customer contact .

Our Approach

Altiuz is looking for our customers to transform and improve their communications with their customers through differentiating factors that improve their experience when receiving information. Companies that use HP Exstream offer a better experience to its customers through timely and meaningful communication.

Time Optimization

It helps reduce the time for the development of documents.

Cost Savings

Reduce the cost of producing documents.

Effective Communication

The documents generated through HP Exstream are points of contact with end customers, this allows campaigns, promotions and advertising in each of the generated documents.

Generating personalized communication

Publish customized information to end-customers these documents can contain statistics graphs, bar codes and custom information.

Multi-Channel Solution

Eliminates the inconsistency in the information provided to customers through different communication channels (call center, web site, e-mail, printed).