What is Document Management?

Document management is the effort of organizations from different industries through the application of standards and best practices to implement and manage business processes that allow the capture, store (archive), process and finally recover of content from a centralized platform designed for such purposes within the organization. It integrates products, modules and services that help strengthen the management of data, such as digitalization, retention, reporting, monitoring among others.

Our approach

The experience of Altiuz has allow us to convert each of the concepts associated with Document Management in solutions that seek to solve requests and common problems in various industries.  We specialized not only in provide services for sizing and implementation but also consulting services consulting, training and support once the platform is providing support.

Centralized Information Management

Stored and available documents from one place throughout the organization.


Control the access to the information, limiting falsifications and other risky actions on the platform

Improvement in Response Time

Upload and document searches oriented to the clients needs.

Cost Savings

Savings on stationary and physical paper due the storage of the information in digital format.


Solutions that are oriented to make the organization 100% digital.