What is Compliance Management?

Currently, organizations have the need implement “Compliance Management” platforms to handle internal or external regulatory issues. Compliance System requires organizational coordination for periodic risk assessment, development of policies and procedures, establishment of training plans, communication of compliance materials and the establishment of technical and technological platforms to carry out these objectives.

Our Approach

Altiuz and their business partners are characterized by acting as technology consultants that support users and business areas in defining their requirements and implementation processes associated with the model detection and compliance management that require to be implemented. Altiuz services will provide the management of the platforms, various forms of support, development and the implementation of services once the platforms are put into production.

Centralized management

Content, processes and people centralized in a single platform for the decision-making process.

 360º Vision

All information for the management of Cases, Documents, Tasks, Roles and activities on a single platform for a comprehensive vision. 


Different roles fully integrated in the decision-making process.


Incorporating tasks in real-time to cover a larger number of cases.

Detection and investigation

The possibility for the integration with rules engines (detection) and software for investigating detected and in progress cases.