What is Client Onboarding?

Currently, many industries are facing the constant challenge of not only attracting (increasingly demanding) new customers, but also must incorporate them into the business quickly and efficiently, while respecting the registration steps, validation and applicable internal or external authorizations.
It is at this point that technological solutions associated with the process of “Client OnBoarding” achieve a strategic importance at the technical, commercial and operational levels within the organization.

Our Approach

Our solution “Client OnBoarding" provides a robust and comprehensive platform for the management, control and process management of incorporating customers, product requests and/or any system that involves receiving and managing documentation, flows and tasks which integrate various organizational systems and making available dashboards associated to KPIs defined by the customer.
Complementarily, Altiuz services will eventually consider platform management with different forms of support and development once put into production.

Centralized management

Content, processes and people centralized into a single platform for management and decision-making.

Applying business rules

Native application of general rules for validating documents and related data, internally on the platform or by integrating systems into validation from the client-side. 


Ability to integrate with pre-existing systems for data capture, storage, data validation, among others.


Reducing transport costs and improving the intake capacity by having a largely automated process.